Ornamentum was born in 2013 from an ambitious business idea by Claudia Lotierzo.

The company develops in the province of Milan, in one of the most important and recognized fashion districts in the world. From day one, Ornamentum combines quality and attention in every single production phase with the aim of creating unique garments: simple lines with refined elegance and unmistakable details.

All this is possible thanks to Claudia and her enterprising team made up of Fashion Designers and a selected team of
tailors who work according to traditional techniques and knowledge.

In these first years since its foundation there have been many events and innovations that have characterized our business, but two dates summarize our path well:

2016 is born: our virtual boutique that offers our garments online, a site where you can find the best of ours
2017 Digital Fashion Week in Indonesia: Ornamentum is among the new emerging brands certified Made in Italy that focus on digital and present themselves in the world limelight.
Today Ornamentum is a completely Made in Italy brand that exports its products mainly to Switzerland, Great Britain, the United States and Russia.

The goal we set for the future is to continue our quality path by dialoguing with the new challenges of modernity: bringing the values ​​of traditional Italian tailoring into new wearability lines.






Ornamentum is a sartorial manufacturing laboratory where the delicacy is in treating the garments as if they were jewels.
From the earliest stages of processing on fabrics we pay a lot of attention and care at every stage of the process. Our goal is to create precious sartorial compositions and to do this we pay special attention throughout the production process that takes place in the name of tradition and according to a well-defined order, starting from the choice of the raw material. .

What fabric does Ornamentum use for its dresses?
We strictly use silk for our dresses. We select the finest yarns and work them on exclusive models. This fiber of animal origin allows you to create simple lines to naturally wear an elegant garment at any time of the day.

90% used silk fabrics:

Very thin, soft and transparent chiffon fabric;
Crépe de Chine soft fabric with a delicate fine grain, made of crepe yarn;
Bourette fabric of a rustic type, made of silk flower waste;
Shantung, a silk fabric made up of silk waste threads;
Dry and grainy Honan, made from the irregular thread of the Tussah silkworm butterfly;
Soft and supple twill fabric with diagonal ribs;
Knitted silk fabrics and silk knitwear: light and elegant;
Jacquard fabric for ties
How are the seams of our dresses?
Products built with tailored lines always have internal stitching spaces in the dress to be able to modify it in its small variations and better adapt it to one's own shapes without breaking the structure of the dress. This is a fundamental characteristic of tailoring that is found in all Ornamentum dresses.